The Child Restoration Initiative (CRI) is a registered nonprofit educational advocacy group established by reform-minded parents in response to the dearth in educational services for children and young adults with special needs in the Nigerian education system.


Establishment of Inclusive Sports Club – by Nneka Obiagwu

It is one of our deepest desires to set up an inclusive football club where children with special needs and typical children from ages 3years

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Support for Families

CRI identifies unique cases for support for children from low income families and raises funds to enable it accomplish this in partnership with individuals, other

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Advocacy for Special Needs Ministry

There is a gaping need for the establishment of Special Needs Ministry’s within our Children Ministry in churches and other places of worship to cater

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Awareness and Acceptance Campaign

FACT: There is a prevalence of autism spectrum disorders in school age children globally. Now more than ever before, it has become more commonplace to

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Educational Advocacy

One of our main focus is on driving educational advocacy for children with developmental disorders in Nigeria, particularly on the provision of free, tailored education

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