Awareness and Acceptance Campaign

FACT: There is a prevalence of autism spectrum disorders in school age children globally. Now more than ever before, it has become more commonplace to find children with autism in schools with their typical peers. Current statistics also reveal that these children are often bullied by their typical peers who do not understand the reasons for their seeming differences. This lack of understanding gives rise to a continuing culture of discrimination and stigmatization and lays the groundwork for abuse. It has been proven that when typical children have an awareness and understanding of what autism or any other disability is, they are more accepting of their peers and inclined to socialize and interact with them. Our method of delivery is via the use of an illustrated children’s book we have authored called DIFFERENT BUT THE SAME, which can be used independently as part of the  reading list in the library of schools and at home. We also conduct informal, fun and interactive seminars for children in schools where we also show a short educative video on how to be a good friend to someone with autism produced by GOOD FRIEND INC. We firmly believe that teaching school age children about autism awareness and acceptance is very essential and is a sure way of changing hearts and minds to ensure that the future will be a better place for our children, their peers and our nation.