CRI at a Glance

who we are

The Child Restoration Initiative (CRI) is a registered nonprofit educational advocacy group established by reform-minded parents in response to the dearth in educational services for children and young adults with special needs in the Nigerian education system.

CRI campaigns for the enforcement of existing legislation at the state and federal level which ensures the provision of free, tailored education and related services for children with special needs within the public school system as guaranteed in the different laws and treaties which we are signatory to including the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and also The Child Rights Act 2003 of Nigeria. 

In this regard, we are currently providing educational support services to an inclusive education unit in one of the public schools within the metro polis.CRI campaigns to increase awareness about autism and the importance of early intervention in autism treatment and to provide information and referrals about autism care and treatment via an online group page called Nigerians for Autism, also through seminars and workshops and various national media. We also campaign for peer autism awareness and acceptance in schools within the metro polis.CRI equally operates a small support network for low income families that are unable to afford the services needed for the care of their special needs child. We have supported numerous families privately and in partnership with individuals and other NGO’s and we hope to further extend our reach.